Father Of A Parkland Victim Offered Encouragement To Kavanaugh, His Reaction Has Everyone Talking

Brett Kavanaugh has been put through what many would consider absolute hell during his confirmation process, but of course there are always those people who have to make everything about them.

During his opening statement in front of the judiciary committee, Kavanaugh brought attention to how much the proceedings were hurting him and his family.

At one point he said that he and his families’ lives were in ruin, but sadly in our culture today there’s always this incessant need to point at someone who suffered more.

A father of a Stoneman Douglass High School shooting victim saw a fellow dad suffering, but he was not ready to show any sympathy. Having lost a child, and had his world ripped apart, Fred Guttenburg saw another man down, and decided he would make Kavanaugh’s suffering all about him.

“Justice Kavanaugh your life and family are not ruined,” Guttenburg tweeted. “Try having a child murdered by a weapon that you refer to as ‘common use.'”

You see that? Guttenburg doesn’t agree with Kavanaugh’s beliefs about the right to own a gun, so he decides he is incapable of having sympathy. Never mind that Kavanaugh’s two daughters and wife are in agony over seeing someone they love be publicly shamed, and called “evil” without, their own words, “a proper investigation”.

Have these people any sense of empathy? Could you not imagine how you might act if someone POSSIBLY brought up charges against you?

While many on the left want him to be guilty, do you think they could for a moment think about “what if he’s telling the truth?” Imagine for an instant how you would respond if faced with the same charges, and the stakes so high, knowing that you were innocent. Wouldn’t you be a little frustrated? Wouldn’t you be upset?

Guttenburg wasn’t done there. After news broke that Jeff Flake would choose to still vote yes on Kavanaugh, Guttenburg did his best Trump impersonation by calling out Senator Flake on twitter, saying that he is “wimp”.

The guy is completely unhinged. That, or he’s just not a nice guy, because this is some angry stuff. No amount of anger will bring back his daughter that was killed by a crazy person. No senator or Supreme Court Justice has ever personally harmed him, or brought pain to his family, but that’s what some people do. They take their anger out on complete strangers.

What happened to his family was awful, but that doesn’t mean we can’t feel bad for a father who is seeing his family being ripped apart on national television every single night.