Donald Trump Jr. Hilariously Mocks “Feminists” For Supporting Trans Athletes

Leftists want the world to believe that men and women are equal in every possible way. They want you to ignore the fact that men are bigger, and stronger than women, to the point where women, real women, are being hurt by men who have been disillusioned into thinking they are women.

While popular culture praises these men for daring to “live authentically” (as opposed to getting help), Donald Trump Jr. isn’t afraid of the backlash that comes with calling out such absurdity.

“Seems really fair to all the biological women who worked their asses off to be the best at their sport,” Don Jr. tweeted, sharing a video of a trans-athlete who feels discriminated against. “Where are the feminists?”

The video is of a trans athlete in Australia absolutely dominating women, because… duh.

The guy is 6’2″, and weighs 200+ pounds. He would be formidable in a men’s league, but he’s an absolute monster going up against women half his size. If this video were a parody, it’d be hilarious. Heck, it’s still hilarious, but for much different reasons.

So now we have feminists fighting for men… to be women… Women are fighting for men… What a crazy world.