Conservative Activists Candace Owens and Charlie Kirk Attacked by Protesters At Breakfast Meeting

On Monday morning, what was meant to be a peaceful breakfast turned into something much more for Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens.

As they were out to breakfast in Philadelphia, a group of Antifa protesters approached them and started heckling them. “We were just enjoying life,” Kirk, TPUSA’s founder and president said, “And then they came outside the window and started screaming.”

In a bad turn of events, it was posted in a video to Twitter that when Owens and Kirk went outside, a protester poured water on Kirk.

Police showed up and had to get involved for fear that the situation would escalate further.

In addition to the water throwing water, you can hear other protesters shouting, “F**k white supremacy” and “F**king fascist piece of s**t.”

Kirk took to Twitter saying, “If a angry conservative mob formed while two young liberals, one white guy and a black woman, were eating breakfast, and the mob hurled horrific insults, threw objects and assaulted them, the left would call it a “hate crime””