Concerned Father Perfectly Explains Why Guns Are Not The Problem

A concerned father and Military Veteran recently posted to Instagram why he thinks that Guns are not the problem. Regardless of where you stand, this message needs to be heard by every American.

So, I’ve been struggling the past few days. Thinking. Upset. Outraged. Hurt. Disappointed. Frustrated.

I’ve taken time to think about it. Not simply react. To look into the data, review the facts. To not allow the media, politicians or the public to skew my opinion.

Let’s be honest, I’m not a celebrity, professional athlete, Trophy truck or Formula 1 driver. Musician. Rapper. President. I’m a hard-working, business owner and family guy that is fortunate to live and have served in the greatest nation in the world.

We have our issues. This particular one is brutal.

It creates division like many other issues in our country for all the wrong reasons. That is beyond disappointing.

So here’s my take for whatever it’s worth.

I am writing this selfishly. It’ therapeutic. I know this is selfish given the family, friends and loved ones that have been so brutally affected by warped, insane, mentally fucked up people recently in so many senseless tragedies around the country.

So here it goes… and I am not suggesting my thoughts are unique in any way – simply how I am feeling at the moment and have for some time when it comes down to it. We are all hurting right now. At least I hope we are.

Guns are not the problem.

I’ll say that again. Guns are not the problem.

You are too smart to believe that. You are too educated to believe that. It’s too easy to believe that rhetoric.

Don’t’ be fooled into believing banning guns, size of magazines, types of guns, etc is the answer. It’s not. The U.S. killed federal, state and local funding for mentally ill citizens back in the 80’s to chase other agendas based on political gain. We continue to make cuts today at every level.

It costs us $444 BILLION each year in the aggregate to deal with the “side effects” of mental health not to mention the lives lost and torn apart – but we continue to cut back.

Look it up. You are smarter than that.

As a result, we have massive issues – not just mass killings… Suicide, homelessness, drug addiction, rape, beatings, domestic violence, physical and mental abuse, etc… the list goes on.

This is not because of guns. We don’t look to heal those that have problems, we don’t recognize the true catalyst to these heinous crimes.

It’s not Trump. He’s been here two years.

It’s not white supremacy. It’s not hate crimes or even “terrorism” at this point. You are smarter than that.

We have a lot of messed up people in this country that need help. Moreover, we don’t teach anyone to even recognize the signs to offer (or force when required) help when its needed. What do we do? We point fingers and allow the media to blur the facts and data in order to serve their agenda.

This is no longer a political issue. It’s not an opportunity for these CU&Ts to further divide our public. You are smarter than that. What about the war hero that comes home and kills himself. All alone. Despondent. We don’t talk about him or her. There are many of them.

To put it into context roughly 20 American Veterans PER DAY KILL THEMSELVES.

Why aren’t we talking about that? Not taking away anything here or making unfair correlations to those that have lost loved ones. I would never do that. I am worried about the world and country I am handing off to my kids.

And for what it’s worth, I am deeply upset that I cannot carry a weapon in the brutally liberal state of CA I live in and love. But guess what. I am. Legal or not. And I am trained. I practice. I respect guns. I am ex-military.

Now, I live in CA and I can’t protect my kids, family and others because of where I live? Are you kidding me? Guess what?

If I am in the Walmart or at a festival next to you, you will be thankful I am there if one of these sick fools decides to open fire. I can assure you I won’t be a victim and neither will my loved ones nor people that may or not believe in my personal beliefs around this issue if you’re next to me.

But they will be thanking me for putting a round in that persons head whether or not I am carrying “legally” or not.

What you just read was originally posted to Instagram and I felt the need to share it. It’s something I think every American heeds to hear.

Less guns won’t heal our Nation. Only God can do that.

What are your thoughts on this?