As NFL Ratings Plummet, Commissioner Goodell Gets Caught On Hot Mic Saying What He Really Thinks

The 2017 NFL season so far is definitely one that commissioner Goodell will want to forget.

With players choosing to bring politics onto the field, a once loyal fanbase finds itself tuning out in droves, but the commish can’t seem to figure out why.

Sure, the commissioner could acknowledge the fact that the NFL fanbase is a patriotic bunch, and players disrespecting the anthem is bad for the bottom line. However, he punts that away, and puts the current decline in viewership on the shoulders of the president, as though Trump is the one controlling everyone’s remote.

No, in an attempt to appear “woke,” Goodell has decided to take the side of the players, claiming that it’s important for the league to stand together on the “issues facing our communities.”

The only problem with that notion is Goodell never really talks about what those issues are. Originally, this whole thing started as a protest against police brutality… Or was it injustice… Or was it racism? Either way, it was something. Now, the movement covers a broad range of topics that are near and dear to every NFLer.

You know, things like the gender-wage gap, and housing discrimination. While these guys could give their money to help fight for such causes, they feel as though taking a knee during the anthem will fix things.

Isn’t it funny how people like to ridicule others for giving their “thoughts and prayers,” while at the same time, those same folks think taking a knee will solve a problem?

During a speech in regards to the players protesting, Goodell said on multiple occasions that the “issues” in our “communities” are a big deal, but he never specifies as to what the heck those issues actualy are.

In the course of his 20-minute speech, Goodell used the words “issues” and “communities” well over 40 times. Now, this is hardly the first time Goodell has tried to coin a catch-phrase. When former Ravens running back Ray Rice beat the snot out of his soon to be bride, Goodell seemingly began having an affair with the word “expert.”

If Goodell doesn’t wake up and realize how bad the NFL brand is being damaged, there may not be a league in the coming years. Fans realize that these entertainers work for OUR enjoyment. When entertainment is more offensive than it is entertaining, people begin to tune out. It’s strange how these millionaires don’t know that.