Actor Jack Black Slams Trump While Getting Star On Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Jack Black has just made a bold move by daring to take a shot at president Trump.

The usually funny actor/musician was SO original during his Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony, calling the president names, something that FEW celebrities would DARE to do.

Unable to simply enjoy his moment in the spotlight, Black simply had to demonstrate his obsession with the president by bringing him up during what was supposed to be a celebration for Black.

“Donald Trump’s a piece of s***,” he said during his speech. “Peace out.”

WOW! What bravery! What boldness! Surely he must have really thought about this. I mean, not many people in Hollywood would ever say something like this, or use expletives when referring to the commander in chief.

This is hardly the first time Black has called for criticizing Trump. During a benefit concert last year he called for all of Hollywood to continue making every award ceremony about the president.

“I just hope she wins the Oscar and talks some more s**t about that a**hole,” Black said in regards to Meryl Streep. “So if she doesn’t win, to the winners in here, I hope you do the same, ya know?”

Black didn’t make his entire speech about Trump. He did mention that he has “wanted one of these things for so long.”

“Since I was a kid, I thought, ‘Oh man, if you get one of those stars on the sidewalk, that means you’ve made it.”

Hopefully Black, like the rest of Hollywood, can overcome their Trump Derangement Syndrome, and get back to being entertaining. The “Trump sucks” comments are getting rather droll.



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