Pelosi Asked The Crowd To “Clap For Obama”, Their Response Is Perfect

Oh, Nancy, Nancy, Nancy…

Somehow, one of America’s richest politicians has tricked many into believing she understands the common American, but this has nothing to do with her politics.

This has to do with her health, and competency as an elected official.

Throughout President Trump’s tenure in office, the Californian democrat has questioned whether or not our commander-in-chief is “fit for office.” Well, clearly she hasn’t looked in the mirror recently.

No, this isn’t about her looks. This has to do with a painfully awkward speech she gave during an LGBT awards presentation.

During her speech, which is now going viral (and for good reason, it’s hilariously bad), Pelosi is caught mispronouncing (slurring?) common words, and at several instances asks the audience to clap for her.

“Our city is blessed with a large LGBTQ community, and a strong history of legacy- advocacy,” she babbled at one point, before giving the audience a cue to clap.

She then went on to say that “we were very proud of the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, and President Obama was so very much a part of that,” to which she was met with crickets from the crowd.

“That’s an applause line, I’ll tell you when it’s an applause line if we’re not kind of in sync.”

Towards the end of her speech, Pelosi says that we need to “stop bulleting our kids.” Did she mean bullying? Probably, but is “bullying” really that hard to say, compared to something that isn’t even a word?

Look, we get it, Nancy is getting up there in age. At some point she really ought to think about getting out of politics, but sadly there are a lot of dopes out there who keep reelecting her. Maybe if they saw THIS they might change their tune.

The whole thing is really hard to watch, but fortunately someone took the time to bring you the “good stuff”. Have a laugh, and enjoy:

While she may not be one of our brightest politicians, Nancy Pelosi is always good for a laugh.