Who Is Behind The Climate Change Hoax?

In the wake of Greta Thunberg’s dramatic speech on climate change recently, many astrophysicists have taken to YouTube and other forms of social media to refute her claims and pose very important questions to those paying attention. “It really comes down to child abuse. That poor little girl is being...

Is Hillary Clinton Running For President?

With the Democrats getting poised to do a deep dive into the President Trump/Ukraine investigation and Joe Biden being set up to become collateral damage, you might think the DNC is getting ready to put all of their eggs in the Elizabeth Warren basket… but not so fast. A familiar...

The Facts About the Whistleblower Complaint

Anyone paying even peripheral attention to this congressional hearing of the Director of National Intelligence can see without a doubt that the Democrats aren't looking for the truth or justice. They're simply looking to put an asterisk next to President Trump's name in history. They repeatedly asked Director Joseph Maguire...

Democrats Want A Weak United States

For years and years the democrat party has been quietly lying in the weeds offering handouts, and being rewarded with votes. Now, we are seeing the fallout of these policies having not been nipped in the bud early. The modern day calls for socialism didn't happen overnight. They are the...

Teacher Strikes Prove Public Education Needs Overhaul

THROWBACK: REMINDER THAT THESE ARE THE SAME PEOPLE STILL TEACHING YOUR KIDS What I am going to say is an extremely unpopular opinion: teachers aren’t heroes (and we don’t need government involved with education). Right now we have thousands of teachers marching on their respected state capitols, leaving hundreds of...
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