Leftist Lie: Tax Cuts Don’t “Cost” Money

There seems to be a bit of confusions when it comes to the matter of taxes. For some reason a large swath of people believe that lower taxes are “paid for” by someone else (and usually it’s low earners who think they are being ripped off). Have a conversation with...

Teacher Strikes Prove Public Education Needs Overhaul

THROWBACK: REMINDER THAT THESE ARE THE SAME PEOPLE STILL TEACHING YOUR KIDS What I am going to say is an extremely unpopular opinion: teachers aren’t heroes (and we don’t need government involved with education). Right now we have thousands of teachers marching on their respected state capitols, leaving hundreds of...

Overstock Founder Resigns, Claims FBI Spied On Trump/Clinton

Overstock CEO and Founder Patrick Byrne announced he was stepping down after being involved in what he calls an act of "political espionage" by our own government agencies. In a letter to shareholders announcing his resignation, Byrne said that "Coming forward publicly about my involvement in other matters was hardly...

Study Finds That Dogs Are Good For Your Heart

A new study was released that confirms what we already knew to be true: dogs are awesome. While that isn't specific, it is a fact. Dog's are simply the best pet one could have, but now there's even more reason to take home a furry friend: they are good for...
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