Alyssa Milano Reveals She Had Two Abortions In A Year

Actress Alyssa Milano has been an outspoken advocate for abortion, and in a recent podcast revealed that she had two herself... in the same year. "I chose. It was my choice,” she said on her show 'Alyssa Milano: Sorry Not Sorry'. "And it was absolutely the right choice for me."...

Native Americans Outraged Over Warren’s Latest Speech

Elizabeth Warren has been under attack over the senator's claims throughout her career that she is, in fact, Native American. Ever since news of this claim has come back into the media, President Trump, along with help from members of Warren's own democratic party, have bashed the senator for her...

Another Reason To Never Fly Delta

If you've ever flown with Delta Airlines, chances are you've run into a few bumps along the way. Well these passengers had to overcome more than just bumps in order to finally reach their destination. Thursday, passengers from Delta Airlines Flight 2385 from New York to Miami were apparently delayed...

What Might Have Really Happened To Jeffrey Epstein

Finally, America is coming together. Sure, it took the "death" of one of the world's worst human beings, but people are coming together, saying "this doesn't smell right." If we apply Occam's Razor, the theory that the simplest answer is the most correct, then the narrative makes sense. Jeffrey Epstein...
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