Hollywood’s Pro-Abortion Boycott Goes Horribly Wrong

It seems like Hollywood is always looking for a way to jump on a quick social justice bang-wagon, but this time the hypocrisy is just too outrageous to overlook. Back in May you might recall a number of celebrities and social justice warriors taking to the media, calling for a...

AOC Wants Special Treatment When It Comes To Twitter

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been warned by a group of attorneys that, due to her position as a public official, she is not allowed to block users on the social media platform Twitter. This isn't some republican group coming after her either. Earlier this year Columbia University's Knight First Amendment...

Leftist Lie: Tax Cuts Don’t “Cost” Money

There seems to be a bit of confusions when it comes to the matter of taxes. For some reason a large swath of people believe that lower taxes are “paid for” by someone else (and usually it’s low earners who think they are being ripped off). Have a conversation with...
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