BiBi Tells American Congresswomen, “You Can’t Come In”

One of America's strengths is its diversity. However that is a double edged sword. When capitalism is demonized, and socialism is promoted the inevitable results are places like Detroit, and Dearborn. Places that were once bastions of American economics, now run into the ground by progressive liberalism. Rep. Ilhan Omar,...

America Has A Godless Problem, Not A Gun Problem

Texas Governer Greg Abbott made some waves last week when he dared to defy the national media’s narrative citing racism as the cause of our nation’s mass shooting problem. Rather than parrot the talking points of every person on cable television, Governor Abbott boldly stated that it was a lack...

An Open Letter to President Trump, Please Stop….

Dear Mr. President, As an engaged, concerned citizen, myself and many of my friends were thrilled when you were elected. Honestly, we weren't 100% sold on you, but we were 100% set against Hillary. And we're pleased to say that electing you was definitely the better of the two choices....

A New Bill Seeks Criminalize Throwing Water On Cops

The public perception of police officers has gotten better in recent years, largely do no doubt to Trump's efforts to restore national pride. This pride for America itself carries over into pride for all our civil servants, especially those who put their lives on the line daily. However in recent...
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