Multi-Family – Safe Investing For The Future

Every week under the Trump administration it seems like the stock market is setting a new record, but talking heads would be the first to tell you “that’s not helping the average American.” Yes, it’s true, not every American benefits from a roaring economy, but a lot of that is...

Chick-Fil-A Sales Double In Spite Of LGBTQ Boycott

Chick-Fil-A continues to dominate the fast-food industry in spite of the best efforts from the alphabet people. Years ago, the company's CEO made comments in favor of traditional marriage, and since then the LGBTQ community has attempted to brand the fast-food chain as a hate group. "We are very much...

Mike Rowe Posts Powerful Message About Nike On July 4th

Nike just keeps getting wrapped up in controversy. Nike was going to release a shoe with the American flag on it, but Colin Kaepernik brought back feelings of anger to some people who love America when he begged the brand to take them off the shelf. And Nike pulled the...
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