Social Media Reacts With FURY After Chick-fil-A Cancels Famous “Cow Calendar”

This morning America woke up to a heartbreaking email from Chick-fil-A announcing they will no longer be selling their popular Cow calendar. After 20 years the tradition is coming to an end. The reactions from customers are heartbreaking.

“The fast-food chain alerted customers via email on Wednesday that 2018 would be the last year it would release its bovine-themed calendar, which features deals for every month.” Business Insider reported. The calendar had a deal for every month included with it. reported, “Each page of the monthly calendar has featured Chick-fil-A’s signature cows, sometimes in fun costumes or performing silly activities. The calendars also include a card with coupons for free food from the restaurant each month, and local communities could sell the calendars for fundraising campaigns.”

Within minutes the Social Media accounts for the popular brand were flooded with customers that we highly disappointed with the cancellation.

One calendar fan was so heartbroken that they decided to start a petition to bring it back.

The description for the petition is hilarious.

“For what seemed like the last pillar of faith in an ever shifting world, Chick-fil-A has been enabling fans of it’s sumptuous chicken and crafty cows with the opportunity to purchase 12-month Cow Calendars. These wonderful calendars gave the world the opportunity to view beautiful artwork and receive free culinary surprises each month. Everyone in America, from the child hoping for a free nugget entree the next month, to the calendar collecting aficionado will feel this loss in their heart.

We need the Cow Calendar. We need the brief moments of comedic joy it brings in a further connecting and frightening world.

We need it’s comfort – it’s reassuring presence.

We need it’s sense of excitement – what will next month bring?

We need the sense of community that the calendar and it’s card gave us.

Please Chick-fil-A, please reconsider this act! For the love of your fans, your fellow citizens, and for the cows!”

Let’s hope they bring it back. I’ll be praying!