Gas prices have dropped below $1.69 per gallon, here’s where you can fill up for CHEAP

Gas prices across the Us have been dropping, but in Texas even people with gas guzzling trucks are getting some relief. At the Buc-ee’s in Denton gas was at $1.68 for a gallon of regular unleaded. If you buy a car wash then you only pay $1.18 per gallon.

Texas leads the decline but there are other states in the south where you can find gas to be very cheap as well. You can find low prices in Oklahoma, Missouri, South Carolina and Louisiana.

“For the past eight weeks, prices have dropped in the Dallas – Fort Worth area. This week the average price of gasoline is down 9 cents. That’s 42 cents lower than a month ago. The dip means many North Texas are now filling up for well under $2 a gallon, Fox 4 News Reported.”

So back to the question everyone wants the answer to… why is gas so darn cheap in Texas?

Texas is a prime market for cheap gas due to low state taxes, varied revenue sources and proximity to oil production and refining capacity. this typically will help keep local gas prices well below the national average.

Texas also has one of the lowest gas taxes in the country. According to figures from the American Petroleum Institute, the state’s levy of 38.4 cents a gallon compares favorably with a national average of 48.08 cents.

The national average is down 7.8 cents this week but still hovering around $2.53 per gallon.

While this is exciting news, experts say we should take advantage of the low prices as they may come back up real soon. There was a surge on oil prices over the weekend.