Homeless Man Arrested After 4 Beaten to Death

Early in the morning, authorities found four homeless men beaten to death, with a fifth left in critical condition, spread around Chinatown, NY. The victims, all homeless, were asleep on the streets and vulnerable when the brutal attacks occurred, according to the police. It was just past 1:30am when the...

Texans Take Action Against Walmart’s Gun Bans

After Walmart's recent decision to stop open-carry, as well as banning the sale of handguns and many types of ammunition, activists in Texas are taking action. Walmart Joins Anti-Gun Movement, Bans Gun Sales and Open Carry As we covered before, since the recent shootings in El Paso that left 22...

Hollywood’s Pro-Abortion Boycott Goes Horribly Wrong

It seems like Hollywood is always looking for a way to jump on a quick social justice bang-wagon, but this time the hypocrisy is just too outrageous to overlook. Back in May you might recall a number of celebrities and social justice warriors taking to the media, calling for a...
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