CNN Defends Don Lemon Amid Sexual Assault Allegations

What ever happened to #metoo? Or do the rules change when it's two guys? A man is suing Don Lemon, claiming the CNN host attacked him at a Hamptons bar last summer. Rather than wait for an investigation, CNN jumped to the side of their poster-boy for "diversity", claiming that...

America Has A Godless Problem, Not A Gun Problem

Texas Governer Greg Abbott made some waves last week when he dared to defy the national media’s narrative citing racism as the cause of our nation’s mass shooting problem. Rather than parrot the talking points of every person on cable television, Governor Abbott boldly stated that it was a lack...

Flailing Beto Wants A Campaign Do-Over

Robert Francis O'Rourke lost to Ted Cruz in Texas' senatorial race last year. Being losers by nature, many democrats were excited at the prospect of the former representative running for the highest office in the land. Now, it would appear that the man we've come to know as "Beto" wants...
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