AOC And Her Friends Are Boycotting The SOTU Tonight

Democrats are the best at whining and crying when they don't get their way. To put the icing on the cake, notable Dems, AOC, and Maxine Waters have issued statements via their Twitter accounts that they are boycotting the State of the Union Address tonight. Great! It's a free country,...

Trump’s Highest Job Approval Rating Ever

If you're going just by the numbers, Trump's 49% approval rating seems to be little to no indicator as to the daily struggle his administration has been dragged through since he took office in 2017. And yet, Trump continues to pull win after win. When he was elected he famously...

Iowa Was A Disaster And They Can’t Blame Trump

For nearly four years the Democrats and Never-Trumpers have blamed everything wrong in America on Donald Trump. So it was refreshing to see that their kick off to unseat Trump and prevent a second term failed so miserably! The best part about it was that no one could blame Trump...

Joe Walsh Learns The Hard Way Not To Criticize Trump

Donald Trump is running for re-election, and even though there are Republicans who don't like him, it's surprising that someone thinks they still have a chance. Joe Walsh found out the hard way that you can't criticize Trump to a room full of Trump supporters. Walsh is telling the polite...

Kansas City Chiefs CEO Expresses His Faith In God

America likes winners. We've been winning since 1776, and that's why we make a big deal out of every championship game. It reinforces what we are as Americans, and it celebrates the sacrifice it takes to be the best. That being said, we also love it when people genuinely share...
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