Hours After Ending DACA, Obama Lashes Out At President Trump

Aside from an occasional “good luck” former presidents tend to keep quiet once their successor takes over. Of course, that isn’t the case with former president Barack Obama, who constantly feels the need to speak out against the current administration. Within hours of rescinding Obama’s DACA executive order, Barry O...

Joel Osteen Shuts Down His Critics In 5 Simple Words

World renowned pastor Joel Osteen finds himself in the crosshairs of keyboard courageous "social justice warriors" hours after Hurricane Harvey hits Houston, but is this outrage misplaced? There are a lot of people, christian and non-christian alike, who disagree with Osteen's preaching of what many call the "prosperity gospel", but...

This Man Showed The World What Being A Texan Is All About

The images of Hurricane Harvey have gone around the world, and it's absolutely devastating. It'll be a natural thing for the news cycle to move off to the next big thing. TV stations run news based on ratings, and hurricane fatigue But as coverage turns to the next round of...

Trump Donates $1MM, But Twitter Says It’s Not Enough

In the modern age of crises, the wealthy are looked to for solutions. They're almost expected to liquidate small percentages of their fortunes to help everyone else out. Really, there's nothing wrong with this at all. We all like receiving gifts of any sort, but there is a certain satisfaction...
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