Texas’ Latest Mass Shooting Leaves 5 Dead, Dozens Wounded

"Get somewhere safe and stay there." That was the message the University of Texas in Odessa shared with their students via social media at around 4:42 p.m. ET on Saturday, August 31, 2019. "Lock down in place. Officers are looking for suspect in shooting in the area of UTPB Campus....

BiBi Tells American Congresswomen, “You Can’t Come In”

One of America's strengths is its diversity. However that is a double edged sword. When capitalism is demonized, and socialism is promoted the inevitable results are places like Detroit, and Dearborn. Places that were once bastions of American economics, now run into the ground by progressive liberalism. Rep. Ilhan Omar,...

An Open Letter to President Trump, Please Stop….

Dear Mr. President, As an engaged, concerned citizen, myself and many of my friends were thrilled when you were elected. Honestly, we weren't 100% sold on you, but we were 100% set against Hillary. And we're pleased to say that electing you was definitely the better of the two choices....

A New Bill Seeks Criminalize Throwing Water On Cops

The public perception of police officers has gotten better in recent years, largely do no doubt to Trump's efforts to restore national pride. This pride for America itself carries over into pride for all our civil servants, especially those who put their lives on the line daily. However in recent...

Concerned Father Perfectly Explains Why Guns Are Not The Problem

A concerned father and Military Veteran recently posted to Instagram why he thinks that Guns are not the problem. Regardless of where you stand, this message needs to be heard by every American. So, I’ve been struggling the past few days. Thinking. Upset. Outraged. Hurt. Disappointed. Frustrated. I’ve taken time...

Mario Lopez Attacked For Calling Out Trans Agenda

Mario Lopez has brought down a storm upon himself after he made comments in regards to letting a young child choose their identity. Mario Lopez claims that parents who allow their children to live according to their self-identified genders are setting a “very dangerous” example. This caused the left to...
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