NFL Player Rushes Field During National Anthem, Stuns The Crowd When He Reaches Out And Grabs An Airman’s Hat

I thought I had seen just about everything there was that had to deal with NFL players protesting the National Anthem, but nothing prepared me for this.

Perhaps the most eye catching thing that’s happened, but has been extremely overshadowed was during an Arizona Cardinals game when Larry Fitzgerald made a move that stunned the stadium when he and his teammates took the field during the flag ceremony.

Fitzgerald noticed that one of the Airman had lost his cover, but because he was holding the flag, he just had to let it go. In an act of solidarity, to renew trust and respect between NFL players and the military, and the public at large he stepped out in faith to retrieve the cover and place it back on the Airman’s head.

Later in that same game he ran over on the sidelines to shake the hand of a veteran who was in a wheelchair.

You can really see the joy in the veteran’s face as Fitzgerald shook his hand and thanked him for his service. Larry Fitzgerald is really the type of player the NFL should be modeling. Like it or not young impressionable kids look up to these players. They’re more like Captain America than a pro sports player. Whatever the cameras show them doing, kids will emulate it and take it even further.

While the league chose the way of taking a knee, teams like the Jaguars are apologizing for the damage their protests caused. The league will bounce back, and faith will be restored, but it’ll take other players like Fitzgerald to stand up and take a positive action to get there.



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