Sunday, February 25, 2018

Trump Saw A Marine’s Hat On The Ground, Refuses To Let Marine One Take Off Until He Talks To Him


Trump has constantly been under attack by the media and it seems to not be slowing down. What they refuse to show you are his incredible moments of being a real President.

While boarding Marine One at Joint Base Andrews one afternoon President Trump noticed that a Marine’s hat was just blown off and fell on the ground.

Just before getting on the helicopter Trump stops for a second. Then he leans down and picks it up refusing to take off until he gets it.

Not only does he pick it up, but then he takes it one step farther and places it back on the Marine’s head, pats him on the shoulder and has a few words!

Watch the moment everyone keeps talking about!

President Trump respects our military. And he backs it up with action, not just words!

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