Sunday, June 24, 2018

Trump Didn’t Realize The Camera Was Still On Him, What I Saw Gave Me Chills

Erlier this year Donald Trump was attending a Memorial Day ceremony when the Star Spangled Banner started playing. With hand over heart everyone was standing still in honor of our Veterans.

Then The Camera zoomed in on Trump and captured a moment that I will never forget. Watch this…

That’s right.

Donald Trump was caught singing along with the song… and Liberals flipped out saying it was disrespect. I disagree. There is nothing more respectful than placing your hand over your heart and singing the Star Spangled Banner. If you listen closely you can hear the crowd singing as well.

Liberals are always attacking Trump, even when it doesn’t make sense.

Good job President!


    1. Any American who is not stirred enough to sing along with the National Anthem is the one with the mental skip. So does anyone who complains about our patriotic president honoring the men who gave their lives to defend that flag. Many, many of my ancestors were among those brave soldiers.

  1. I love it! Trump is the first President who is not afraid of who he is! I love that he loves our country and is not afraid to express it!

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