Sunday, July 22, 2018

REPORT: New Study Reveals The Truth About President Trump’s Relationship With The Media

Democrats have said that the reason Trump won the election was because of all the coverage he got from the media, but studies show that simply isn’t the case.

According to, Media Research Center analysts have reviewed every mention of President Trump since his inauguration, and unsurprisingly, the “news” seems to constantly bash our commander-in-chief.

Just how biased has the media been so far against our current president?

Based on information taken from ABC, CBS, and NBC news outlets, coverage of the Trump administration has been overwhelmingly negative.

While the MSM’s bias against Trump is blatantly obvious, there’s also the issue of the amount of time spent on president Trump. The media literally is obsessed with Trump, covering him far more in his first 200 days, than president Obama was covered for all of 2015-1016.

There’s no hiding from the facts here, folks. It’s painfully obvious to so many Americans that the liberal-run media is against our president. The crazy thing about it is they refuse to admit it, or worse, play the role of the victim.

You’ve seen how the cable “news” companies pretend to be offended when Trump calls “BS” on their coverage. CNN’s Don Lemon, and Anderson Cooper can barely get through a segment these days without crying about their feelings being hurt.

Journalists fear they are losing credibility with the public they “serve”, but this isn’t because the president is calling them “phony”. No, this has to do with the fact that they are vehemently opposed to our president for reasons only their bosses can know.

My critical-thinking friends, there’s a reason the media is constantly creating new things to be outraged about. Real anger can be sustained without having to be told how to think, but that’s not what is currently going on.

Instead, the media has to concoct some sort of story to paint the president in the worst light possible.

When the president denounces white supremacy, the media turns away.

When the president attempts to call for unity, the media focuses on dividing.

When the president donates a million dollars to help hurricane victims, the media says he isn’t giving enough.

There is nothing our president can do to appease his critics, and that’s fine. Trump wasn’t elected to please the media. He was elected to give a voice back to the American people, and he’s ruffling up some feathers in the process.

Stay sane out there folks. Don’t let those talking heads tell you what to think.

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  1. Donald Trump will go down in the history as the best President that this world has ever seen for so many reasons. (If we still have a history before it offends someone.) He is such a amazing person, unlike any person that I have ever knew. I used to not like Mr. Trump and I didn’t even know him or very much about him. I just figured because he was a billionaire that he was snobbish and thought that he was better than anyone. I never would of dreamed of him being the kind of person that he really is. I never would of thought that he would talk to the working class people much less touch us and even hug us. But he is the only President that I know of that has actually kept his campaign promises. And I can’t believe how much some of these people hate you as much as they do. And how much the democrats fight you on everything you try to do. That just shows me that they are no longer there for the people. And if they are not going to do there job then they do not deserve a paycheck. Way to go Mr. President keep up the good work. But we do wish that you would do something about Obama and the Clinton’s and all of these other people who are disrespecting you, the country and the Americans who are proud of our President and our country.

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