Thursday, June 21, 2018

Baby Almost Dies After Eating A Snack, Then Dad Reads The Label And Finds 10 Horrifying Words

A young father handed his daughter her favorite snack, and proceeded to do the dishes. Seconds later, every parent’s worst nightmare became Justin Morrice’s.

After the traumatic experience, Justin took to Facebook to deliver a public service announcement, and it quickly went viral.

“As I had just finished feeding my daughter I set some of these cheesies on her highchair tray,” Morrice said. “In less then 10 seconds I had turned to rinse her bowl in the sink…turned back and saw her gasping for air. She was trying to cry but no sound was coming out!”

“I rushed over and picked her up and turned her over and slapped her back(as we were taught) for what seemed like forever,” the father stated. “I flipped her over and her lips had turned blue and she was still trying to cry.”

At that moment, Justin admits “I thought my little girl was going to die in my arms”, so he reached down his daughter’s throat and squished the cheesie. “The next thing I heard was the sweetest sound in the world…her crying.” He says it was “the longest and scariest min of my life”.

Justin was confused as to what caused the choking, considering his daughter had just eaten the “cheesies” days before.

“After scanning the can my mom found this ‘warning’ in tiny letters on their side to throw contents out after 5 days of breaking the seal. I opened a new container and I could not believe the difference. The ones in the can she choked on I can only describe to be like a foam ear plug. I could squish it but it would expand back out and would not break apart. The ones in the new can crumbled with ease.”

This is terrifying. After seeing the size of these cans, it is almost impossible to imagine a young child finishing the whole thing in less than 5 days. However, Justin makes it clear he is not attempting to “degrade Gerber in anyway.” Instead, he is trying to warn against “lazy” parenting, for the safety of the children.

Justin wants to make sure no child’s life is put at risk, and is using his story “as a reminder to ALL parents of small children…please always read labels on the foods we feed them.”

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  1. They should recall these. I don’t think I’d read the label. Its a snack and you just open it and give it to your child. These are very dangerous.

  2. If they become that dangerous in a matter of 5 days they have no place being hyped as” baby food” or ‘snacks’… good God! How many kids have to die before the manufacturer gets a clue that they need to make a better product…. can we say greed & ignorance ???

  3. If they absorb humidity that quickly they should package and sell them in small single serving packs only. No baby should eat that entire container in just a few days that is too much. Gerber needs get a clue…and to go back to its roots and care about the baby they are producing products for.

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