Saturday, July 21, 2018

Melania Didn’t Know The Camera Was On, What I Saw Left Me In Tears

The Trump family proclaim to be believers in Jesus Christ much to the scrutiny of mainstream media. They are constantly attacked to the point it has become ridiculous and sometimes too much to handle.

During a performance of “How Great Thou Art”, Melania Trump was captured on camera and what she did was totally unexpected. Just watch.

That’s right. Melania was seen getting very shaken up by this song and began to cry. In a couple of moments you can see the emotion as she wipes away the tears.

What a beautiful moment. The Trumps are Christian and we support their Christian faith!

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  1. Donald demeans just about anyone who isn’t busy kissing his ass. He can ridicule others but can’t take what he dishes out? Obama not only took it like a man, but expected some hatred from the other side. The difference is intelligence my dear. trump has none and Obama had intelligence in spades. Every thing comin trumps way he deserves. He committed treasonous acts in order to get elected. He can burn sister. Oh and BTW, YOU CAN ALWAYS TELL WHOSE A CHRISTIAN BY THEIR CHARACTER AND HUMILITY. Nice try……nope to the dope.

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