Sunday, July 22, 2018

After Weeks Of Silence, ‘Property Brothers’ Star Shares Emotional Plea For Help

Property Brothers Star, Jonathan Scott, shared an emotional update on Facebook, pleading with his friends and fans for help.

The 38-year-old contractor and HGTV star explained that he sick and tired of seeing the hatred and horrific statements being spread in the comments of his social media pages.

Jonathan Scott, one half of HGTV’s “Property Brothers,” is best-known for helping people build their dream homes. Broadcasted in more than 50 countries, it’s safe to say that the ‘Property Brothers’ are well-known and loved.

The stars of the show, Jonathan and Drew Scott, are 35-year-old identical twins from Vancouver, Canada.

The Property Brothers have a knack for transforming run-down spaces. They’re truly jacks-of-all-trades who can hold their own while buying real estate and renovating homes. All the while (of course) hosting a television show.

Their haircuts and clothes help to tell them apart: Drew tends to manage the real estate side of things (shorter haircut), while Jonathan oversees the renovations (longer haircut).

This is where Jonathan’s unusual– but very needed and appropriate message comes in:

The worldwide internet has made hating and complaining easier than ever, and for Jonathan, it has all become unbearable. Tired of the fact that people can’t seem to disagree without making their words vindictive and hateful, Scott decided to say something about it in a powerful home-video.

Jonathan took to his Facebook and earnestly pleaded with his fans,

“Think back to you were a child and your parents taught you that if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it at all. I have no idea what happened to that. Because I read all of your posts. And fortunately, most of our fans are incredible and they have insightful comments, and I love sharing their stories and that’s great. But we also have people who are cruel and angry and no matter what, they just have something negative to say. This is not the place for that. Not to mention that we have a lot of kids who read these posts actively. When your parents were teaching you that message they were not suggesting that you have to always conform. There’s a big difference between having a different opinion and always trying to pick a fight…”

Watch Jonathan’s powerful, anti-bullying message in the video below: 

The us-against-them mentality will only make our world a darker place. As Gandhi so perfectly put it, “An eye for an eye will leave everyone blind.”

“If possible, so far as it depends on you, live peaceably with all. Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God, for it is written, ‘Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.'”  Romans 12:18-19

Thank you, Jonathan Scott, for raising awareness about cyber bullying and reminding us all to act like the kindhearted human beings our mamas raised us to be. We can all learn a thing or two, and speak out against bullying whenever we come across it. Please share if you agree!


  1. Thanks for speaking out in such a kind. And eloquent way, love your show and all you both do to beautify planet earth!
    It is said, “That folks who do the knocking, can’t ring the BELL…….you ring the BELL!!!
    God bless….

    1. Thank you for speaking about this problem we seem to have with social media posts. I see it all the time and wonder what people are thinking to say such ugly things. Some of the comments don’t even seem to be about the original post. Love your show, your brother, and how beautifully your homes turn out.

    2. I recently started watching HGTV and I love it! I find yawl quite witty and the transformations beautiful! Keep up the good work!

    3. I agree with you jonathan people need to be a lot nicer to other people and stop bullying others their is a nuff bad nuff going around the world now other people need to grow up and be nice and kid to people that way we can all get a long with each other

    4. Thank you, Jonathan. for voicing your opinion. You are right! I just hope the guilty parties heard and will be silent if they have nothing good to say.

    5. I absolutely love that you addressed the issue of the negative people who most often find something wrong with most things. How much better the world and people are with a positive attitude and kindness. Johnathon, you said it perfectly in your video. Thank you for your post!!!!!

    6. Had no idea anyone was leaving negative comments on your FB or Twitter accounts in regards to your program. I love watching you guys and others on these shows. It’s so fun to see how homes “come together” so beautiful. It’s a great way to get ideas for one’s own home, etc. ..or just to ‘dream” of remodeling someday. PLUS…you two are so darned “cute” who would be so cruel in the first place? They are obviously JEALOUS. Keep up the good work. You are GREAT.

    7. I appreciate that most folks don’t like all the comments. I don’t either.
      Trying to make all comments more like the ones we would like and post is not going to improve anything. The people who make these posts do so for a multitude of reasons, many of which others would not even begin to guess or understand. Nor do our responses to them always have the effect we might think they do. Such as “ any arrention is good attention”.
      So since we cannot change others behaviour, we can change our own. Which conversely could be more effective at changing behaviour in general.

    8. This is so sad these two lovely men are doing a wonderful job ,they help so many people to do up these old houses so leave them alone,there is so many nasty people in the world now 😢😥

  2. Love your show. Love you and your brother. And I am so sorry that there are such ugly people in this world. Please stay as positive as you are and keep sharing your incredible talents! God bless you!

    1. I was very sad to learn about the negative posts on the internet
      I have always watched your show and will continue to do so
      Here’s to many more years of watching one of my favorite shows❤️❤️

  3. You guys are doing a GREAT job. Yours is the only remodeling show I choose to watch! It is refreshing, clean and real! When I grew up, I was made fun of a lot. We were very poor, and what clothes I had were made from feed sacks. I guess you would call that bullying, but we didn’t have a name for it other than someone being mean. We were taught to take care of it ourselves. Maybe a punch in the nose, or just walk off. I don’t know the answer, other than to pray for that person. I hope you guys never retire because I just love both of you. Your folks did an excellent job of raising you boys! Stay just like you are! May God richly bless both of you!

  4. You guys are awesome ! Love your show ! Take all the nasty ugly messages people send and flush them where they belong in the toilet where all other s— goes !

  5. Jonathan, Well spoken , My wife and I love you and your brother. we told each other when we ever get the money. We would try and get a hold of the both of you and be(.lol) you two to please come and do our home. we watch almost every episode of our show. We can’t get enough of the shows.. stay positive and God Bless!!!!

  6. Sorry to hear that people aren’t happy unless they are putting someone down. I think you guys are so handsome, if I were younger I would come look you up. Love your show and your work.

  7. I love you guys and enjoy watching the show! I to, do not like all the negative comments that always seem to appear. If everyone was more positive, the world would be a better place.
    Bullying is not acceptable and or wanted!

  8. I am so sorry for the cyber bullying that you have had to endure. You and your brother have a great show on television and please ignore or block all those inhumane cruel people. God Bless you and your family and please keep up the good work.

  9. Thank you and God Bless you both. I love your show. You are so right it is a shame the meanest in this world, the angry, the hate. I grew up in the 50,s such a different world today. So sad!

  10. Thanks for your comments about cyber bullying. I’m new to this Facebook world and I can tell you that from my experience…there are people who are truly nasty and mean spirited as well as seemingly good ones. You and your brother at doing great things with our lives. Keep up the good work …hang in there when you read nasty comments. God bless you! Janet Smith from east TX! By the way would I go about remodeling my old house with your show? It’s my husband’s grandmother’s house and needs updates desperately! The house sits on 28acres of beautiful piney woods land. I am interested in any remodeling y’all can do. Maybe I will be lucky enough to hear from you or someone in your organization. Best wishes!

  11. Jonathan & Druw . We need more people like the two of you. You guys are so nice with the adults and the kids . The work you do is great and beautiful, God gave you two the know how plus a personality that is necessary to succeed. We love you and all your family.

  12. I guess there will always be mean and cruel people in this world.I can’t believe they have anything bad to say about you and your brother.You both are so much fun to watch and do so much for so many people.Keep up the good work I absolutely love ❤️ to watch ya’ll and I get to for a long time.

  13. I am so saddened to hear that people are saying negative things about you, your family, or the show ! Our world today is not KIND . We have become numb to others feelings. No one cares anymore…. it’s just WRONG! Your show is one of the few that I can watch with family members of any age . No profanity, nudity, negativity, everything is a positive swing. We even run it on our TV at our office in the waiting room as we know there will be no worries about anything with you or the show .
    For anyone to say anything different is just an evil way to make you respond to their control. Don’t waste your time on this! You’re better than that !
    Thank you & God Bless

  14. Good thoughts Jonathan, thank you for sharing. I have no patience for such negativity either, why can’t we all just get along. You and Drew do a wonderful job, I love you humor and how you treat children. It’s obvious that you will be a great dad someday. Your shows always bring a smile to my face.

  15. Love your shows….watch them all the time. Can’t imagine what people have to complain about????

  16. People are so hateful any more. Always looking for turmoil. Love you guys and your show. My sister and I both watch you all the time. Wish you could fix my house. Lol Thanks for sharing.

  17. Just can’t believe anyone would do that to such nice people. Enjoy and love both of you-you do such a job of entertaing along with the beautiful work. Watch even reruns.

  18. Love your show and watching you and your brother interact with each other. As a mother we pray our little ones grow up to be loving & caring people. Your mom did aan awesome job with you two. What I’ve taught for years now is not to take anything anyone says personal. It’s just the way they see thing and has nothing to do with you. Just say, Bless they heart they’re just jealous of every thing you. 🤗

  19. Thanks for taking the time to address something that is hurting you. God Bless your show and your life. j

  20. I don’t watch your show but I have seen bits and pieces of it what you guys do is awesome a great thing. I don’t understand the negative stuff going out. You keep doing it and never mind the stupid. Bless you in all you do.

  21. I don’t know why anyone is leaving you mean comments. That is so immature . They are showing just how ignorant they are when they do things like that when all they have to do is turn the TV off of they don’t like your program. I love your shoes and the work you do. I think they a jealous when they criticize. Stay the fun loving guys that you are tell them to take a flying leap at a rolling doughnut.

  22. Sorry, that people are so mean, I love you both and your show, Iam doing a new bathroom, I wish I had money ,but I don’t, I will do it a little at a time. I love your ideas. You are great !!

  23. It’s wrong that these people should be able to write inappropriate remarks because they are jealous of what you have achieved. These issues are not yours but theirs. Please be proud of who you are. You give many people such pleasure with your show.
    PS: We love your show

  24. Love you guys and your show. It is very informative and yet entertaining. Social media has given everyone a forum for their anonymous opinions. Unfortunately there are hateful people that back in the day would not have been heard from. Keep up the good work, ignore them.

  25. Johnathon, I love watching your shows , I don’t see what they can say negative about you guys and what you do.

  26. Wonderful words,keep doing what you are doing,you are loved by many and I’m one of them,it’s sad that some people are just jealous of you and must get nasty,God love you two and bless you.

  27. Johnathon I love your show , just keep doing what you guys are doing, Love to you both <3

  28. Thanks for sharing Johnathon ,the people now days can’t do anything but put people down.Never seen this world so full of hatred.God will be coming back soon,prayers for you and love your work and show.

  29. Unfortunaly there are demons on this earth that don’t care about any thing or anyone. They are always going to stir up ugly where very they can. I am sorry this has happened to you both. I think y’all are awesome. Thank you for all you do. God bless you both and your family’s.

  30. I just attended a documentary at our theatre called smacked! It revolved around the opioid crisis! However a psychologist Dr. Cormier said it best….”we lack a spiritual and love in most individuals lives thus we have hate and sadness, negativity etc”….I choose to remain spiritual and the love follows….hugs my brother’s continue doing what you do best!!!!!

  31. So sorry to hear that you have had this problem, I love your show and the 2 of you seems to be really nice guys. I do think you are the cuties, but don’t tell your brother

  32. Seems that the moral fabric of our society is on a steady down hill course. I once heard a quote that ” Modernization is the ruination of civilization”. Sometimes I think the invention of cell phones, & social media has created bullies that normally wouldn’t be bullies if they weren’t hiding behind a key board or some other faceless devise.

  33. We need to hear more from people like you and much less from the unfiltered people who just talk….they don’t educate themselves before they speak. What are we doing to our kids! PS I’ve been watching your show for as long as its been on, and I’ve gotten great ideas. Thank you for all you do.

  34. love your show you guys are multi-talented and have everything going for you just ignore them or shut the page down you don’t need to be harassed keep smiling ♥

  35. Love you guys! We need to spread love instead of hate! Keep up the good work and God bless!

  36. You both are absolutely amazing and the work you do is phenomenal. Don’t let the negativity affect what you do. Just rise above and know they wish they could do what you do! Keep up the great work and you’re amazing. Love you guys and have a blessed day and know your very fortunate and you will succeed beyond belief.

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